Case Study: Medicine Shoppe (MS0805)


RxSafe 1800 in the Medicine ShoppeMedicine Shoppe 0805 is located in Fairfield, Illinois and focuses on providing caring service for their customers. The owner and pharmacist, Ed Potts, has spent the past several years focusing on changing the company culture. Technicians now think of themselves as health care providers and really listen and educate their customers. Potts says that owning a pharmacy isn’t just about filling prescriptions, it’s about caring for people.

The pharmacy processes an average of 275 scripts per day and primarily serves older people who are on multiple medications. They provide free delivery for people who are unable to leave their homes and offer specialty services such as flavoring antibiotics for children. The pharmacy has many loyal, long term customers, including one who has been with them for almost thirty years.


Ed Potts main concern as a pharmacist is accuracy. He realized that they weren’t achieving 100% accuracy during peak periods, which was unacceptable. Potts says, “The medication has to be the right drug, with the right count. It gets very busy sometimes and mistakes can be made. It can be easy to grab the wrong medication strength or count the incorrect dose.”

He was also focused on improving inventory management and control. Knowing where specific drugs are located and how many are on hand is important, as well as tracking expiration dates and usage.

Potts was looking for a solution that would address these key issues as well as free up pharmacist and technician time in order to allow them to provide a higher level of patient care to their customers.


As Ed’s Rx got busier he realized something had to be done. Ed’s Rx purchased the RxSafe 1800™ and Eyecon™ to work in tandem with their existing ScriptPro 200™. Potts shared, “We‘ve had a ScriptPro 200 for eight years and we set it up next to the RxSafe so the workflow is very efficient. We liked the ScriptPro, but it’s inconvenient to have to keep filling cells. We only use the ScriptPro for large quantities that we go through quickly.”

Client Testimonial

“I love knowing the drugs that come out of the RxSafe are always correct. Plus the machine tracks inventory expiration dates and quantities so I know what drugs are where at all times.”

“Service support is very responsive. They are the fastest I’ve ever seen with any kind of support.”

“We haven’t had much diversion in the past, but I know we won’t have any issues in the future because of the security the RxSafe provides.”

“Nine out of ten patients leads we reach convert to our pharmacy, and use the PakMyMeds program.”

Clayton Gilde

Owner, McBain Pharmacy

“With the PakMyMeds network, we are receiving leads on a weekly basis. We get 3 to 4 leads a week that we can reach out to.”

Bruce Kocian

Co-Owner, Gibson Pharmacy

“Since installing the RapidPakRx, we’ve seen our daily fills go up by about 50 scripts per day on average and we’ve seen our EQuIPP star ratings go up.”

Tyler Young

Pharmacist in Charge, Hines Prescription Shop

“I have a RapidPakRx in my location in Palm Springs, and it does help manage all the sync patients very well.”

Chandra Patel

Owner, Heritage Pharmacy

“So we already had a pretty large delivery radius before COVID, and mostly those patients were large volume sync patients or those that were in compliance packaging. We do have a RapidPakRx and I have had really good success with it.”

Joe Williams

Owner, Brisson Drugs

“We purchased two for our check out area. Very good product.”

John Forbes RPh, Owner Medicap Pharmacy

John Forbes, RPh

Owner, Medicap Pharmacy

“The RxSafe ViralGuardRx was the first product I saw offered by a trusted name in the industry that provided that added level of physical protection in the pharmacy. As a multi-store owner it was important for me to purchase a product that was simple to install and expandable across various surfaces and front-end formats. The clear acrylic partition allows my team to monitor the waiting areas and interact with patients with ease and the oversized reception box functions well to pass items between both spaces in a secure manner. I believe social distancing will be here for at least the foreseeable future and theRxSafe ViralGuardRx is one of the protective components in our pharmacy that has helped us get back to work serving our community in a safe and effective manner.”

Ben Levene, Manager, Center Pharmacy

Ben Levene

Manager, Center Pharmacy

“What I like about the ViralGuardRx is that it keeps my patients safe and also my employees safe, so they can work together to maintain a safe distance. The copper lining on the inside is very important to actually help prevent viruses from spreading. And, in this day and age, with COVID-19, it’s very important to protect our staff and our patients at the same time.”

Chandra Patel

Owner - Heritage Pharmacy

“Pioneer and RapidPakRx just makes sense. You have a pharmacy software vendor that does a great job at med sync and a machine that can interpret your HOA codes in Pioneer. It is easy to setup custom sig codes that can be interpreted by the RapidPak, and customer service from both companies did a great job of making sure that our go live with the RapidPakRx went as smooth as possible.”

Shawn Signor

Owner - Bolton's Pharmacy

“We highly recommend the RxSafe. Not only is the technology and the automation itself cutting edge for the industry, but at the same time we have a lot of automation and we’ve had a lot of automation in the past, and my best advice to people is to get to know the company that you’re going to be in business with.”

Bruce Kocian

Owner - Gibson Pharmacy

About Ed’s Rx / Medicine Shoppe (MS0805)

Ed Potts Owner/Pharmacist

Ed Potts of Medicine ShoppeEd’s Rx is The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy in Fairfield, IL. We are here first and foremost for our patients because we care. We want you to have a welcome experience when you enter our doors and to receive the best possible service with caring, trained professionals who will listen and provide you with what you need for your health. We offer a full range of products and services to meet all your pharmaceutical needs. Our pharmacy staff is always available to answer your questions and assist you in any way possible. Our goal is to always provide our patients with superior service and compassionate care.


Improved accuracy. One hundred percent accuracy for drug and dose when proper processes are followed. Potts says, “RxSafe solved my accuracy problem. I know what comes out of the machine is always the right drug and the right count.”

Inventory management & control. Previously Ed’s Rx had an inefficient and time consuming manual inventory system. Potts says,  “Now a technician can just check the RxSafe inventory report to see what we need to order. We can also get a report of expired drugs so we can send them back.”

Space savings. Raise productivity, increase accuracy and free up valuable retail space for other uses. “Our RxSafe automation freed up space, time and people in our pharmacy so we could do other things.”

Labor efficiency. Reduction in the time required for technician counting, pharmacist verification and inventory management, and as a result, reduction in the labor force. Potts shared,  “RxSafe has helped our pharmacy tremendously. The machine saves time in pharmacist verification, technician counting and filling, and inventory management. Now I only need one person instead of two and have been able to move a tech over to our MedSync Program.”

Improved patient care & introduction of new programs. Patient care improves and resources can be reassigned. According to Potts, “RxSafe has allowed us to free up a significant amount of work time, which allows us to provide a higher level of patient care. We’ve been able to add a Medication Synchronization Program as well as recently introducing a Weight Loss Program, further benefiting our patients.”

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